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R15.00 for 100gm.

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The world today is a fast-paced place where many parents work six days of the week and know nothing else except the furious “rat-race.” It’s become a custom for many parents to drop their children off at the local mall, however, these days, malls aren’t “kid-friendly” anymore. In addition to that, it’s become a staple for restaurants to host birthday parties, but those options aren’t exciting enough, today’s generation of youngsters are slowly losing touch with nature and the outdoors because of video games and television.

With the concerns of truly taking one’s child to a safe, secure location for a day of fun and excitement, and to find the perfect spot for his or her special birthday, the question one has to ask is: is there still a secure place where I can take my child to have fun, to enjoy the outdoors, and to be entertained?

If you are, then welcome to Lavender Moon party venue and Animal Farm.

Lavender Moon is all about family, catering for the little ones with a variety of themed birthday parties, for mom and dad with birthday parties, baby showers, kitchen teas, and even for businesses who are looking to host a year-end function or a Christmas party. If you’re not looking to host a party, then you can enjoy our lovely tea garden.

It’s all you need, and more. It’s situated in a safe, secure environment, with very friendly staff and where the kids can play safely and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

At its core, Lavender Moon was started by Helen Parker and her family, and for that reason, they’ve made the atmosphere resemble that same family-oriented feel.

Lavender Moon’s credo is this: if a child cries because it’s time to go home after an exciting day, then Lavender Moon’s the place to be!


Owner Helen Parker loves children and animals. So much so, she started Lavender Moon nine and a half years ago in the Montana area, in a venue that was once a mielie plantation.

After having moved her family owned printing company that was once situated in Soutpansberg Road, this started picking up. With Helen having a few animals that were roaming the lot, people saw how well fed they were and they gave Helen more animals, and thus the Animal Farm started.

From this, Helen worked hard at establishing the perfect venue for parties for young and old. This was how Lavender Moon and its Animal Farm came to be.

Being both a tea garden and an animal farm, the venue caters for all types of functions from year-end functions to baby showers to birthday parties for ALL ages. Lovely breakfasts, light lunches, and the most delicious cakes are served daily. There are loads of specials running each week that can suit any budget.

For the little ones, the animal farm provides pony rides, this being perfect for nursery and school outings.


Lavender Moon's tea garden caters for everything from:

  • Conferences
  • Business Seminars
  • Kitchen Teas
  • Stork Teas
  • Christenings
  • Workshops
  • Birthday Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Year End Functions

... and much, much more!!

We sell a wide variety of food and drinks and we serve breakfasts, lunches, the best deserts!

Have a look at the photos below for some of the parties we've catered for.

Our themed children's parties are also a sure winner!

You can HIRE the venue for R1000-00.  This will include: Chairs, Chair covers, Tables, Table cloths, Pony ride or Animal feed or Jumping castle or Water slide.

Entrance fee – R30

Party per child – R85

Party special on limited stock – R65

Check out the photos below for some of the themed parties we've catered in the past.

Special Events

Thank you for your interest in using Lavender Moon as a venue for your special event.

Night Functions 6PM-12PM

Hiring of the stoep R3000.00 per Night (including tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery)

Dancing area R1000.00 per Night. Inside the tea garden to midnight there after R350.00 per hour.
  • Barman - R250.00 fee
  • Setting (per table) - R200.00 fee
  • Security - R100.00 fee (if required)
  • Flower (extra) or other options
  • 10% Cleaning fee(off total Bill)
  • 10% Waiters fee
  • R500.00 Deposit for any breakages (refundable)


If there are any further questions, we will gladly assist you. Email us at info@lavendermoon.net or phone us at (012) 548 2826.

Pary Option Hire


Should you prefer to bring your own party goodies such as the theme that we don’t have in stock OR special sweets for children WITH ALLERGIES or want to be totally involved in party lay out, the cost will be R1000.00 for the Lapa for 10 children (includes: tables, table covers, chairs, chair covers, pony ride, animal feed).

Water slide or jumping castle to share

If there are more than 10 children THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF R50.00 PER CHILD.

If there are any further questions, we will gladly assist you. Email us at info@lavendermoon.net or phone us at (012) 548 2826.

Kitchen or Stork Tea options

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a quote for using Lavender Moon Tea Garden as a venue for your kitchen or stork tea.

Cost options: R75.00 per head
Setting of table* table cloths and overlays
* Plates, glasses, Serviette  
* Theme cup cake (stork/kitchen)
* Theme gift on table for the guest.    
 Cost option 2
Should you prefer to bring your own Décor or get involved in the party lay out: The cost will be R1000.00 for the venue: (includes, tables, table covers, chairs, cutlery and crockery)
You more than welcome to bring in your own theme cake or cupcake.

Menu option 1
Breakfast buffet at R15.00 per 100g. This includes- Scramble egg, bacon, beef sausages, grilled tomato, variety quiches, mushrooms, potatoes puffs, crumpets, pancakes, toast butter and jam.

Coffee/Tea station (free with BUFFET only)

Option 2

  • R650.00 per 15 people
  • Lasagna / Chicken pie 2 salads in season/ Bread rolls /Pot bread
  • Butter

Option 3
Finger platters at R450.00 per platter (72). You can have salty, sweet or half/half

Option 4

  • You have an R300.00/R500.00 bar tab were guest are free to drink what they prefer. 
  • Cash Bar
  • Coffee Station R350.00

A 10% Surcharge and 10% waiter fee will be added to the final account.

We trust the above quotation meets with your approval, should you wish to make use of Lavender Moon we would be happy to assist you.
Please note that a 50% deposit is required when booking the venue and the balances 3 days before the occasion.

Should you decide on accepting our quotation we must ask you please to book soon to prevent disappointment.


If there are any further questions, we will gladly assist you. Email us at info@lavendermoon.net or phone us at (012) 548 2826.


Want to have an extraoridnary birthday party for your little one?

We can make that happen! We make up your tables in the theme you choose. Kids get a pony ride, animal feed, goodie bag, and much more.

We have creative workshop birthday parties for teenagers (10 years and older), decoupage, mosaic, beaded items & Christmas decoration.

We also have an in-house photographer who will capture all those special moments of your child's party.

We can do birthday cakes and theme cupcakes, all available on order, special braais can be arranged, and even light lunches and platters for your birthday guests. All of this can be done on special request!

Entrance for kids: R30.

Our available party themes:

For the young ones:
  • First Birthday
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Barney
  • Sea World
  • Bob the Builder
  • many more
For girls:
  • Tinkerbell the fairy
  • Princesses
  • Barbie Fabulous
  • Hello Kitty
  • Mini Mouse
  • Tweety
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Fairy's
  • Cup Cake
  • many more
For boys:
  • Cars
  • Blue Bulls
  • Angry Birds
  • Super Heroes
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Smurfs
  • many more




Pony rides only available Saturdays and Sundays

NO FOOD or DRINK may be brought onto the premises.

We have two time slots available per day for parties: 10:00am - 13:00pm and 14:00pm - 17:00pm

A non-fundable deposit of R500.00 is required upon booking.

Lavender Moon will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury.

Children should be under the supervision of their parents at all times.



Our friendly and helpful staff will make your party or event a very special occassion! Don't hesitate! Contact us TODAY!


Our physical address:

Plot 172
Breed street

Tel: (012) 548 2826


Website: www.lavendermoon.net

Road map to our facilities:


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